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If you wish to travel to a particular destination, write to us at info@sandpipertours.com and we will take your request into account when putting together the calendar 🙂

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Recommended in Argentina

Argentina is a big country, which has an ideal setting for bird watching and nature photography. Due to its geographical extension, it has various ecosystems and with them different species to discover. In this section we are going to recommend which, according to our experience, are the must-see destinations in each region so that you have a reference when planning your trip 🙂


Do not hesitate to contact us to help you coordinate the tour, we will be able to advise you so that you can know the best of each region and of course the best species of each area.

  • RECS (Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires)
  • Vicente Lopez Reserve
  • Ribera Norte Reserve
  • Parque Nacional Ciervo de los Pantanos
  • Parque Costero Sur
  • Punta Rasa Provincial Reserve
  • El Palmar de Colon National Park
  • Iberá Wetlands
  • Iguazu National Park
  • Urugua-I Forest
  • Karadya Birding Lodge & Reserve
  • Cruce Caballero Provincial Park
  • La Araucaria Provincial Park
  • Calilegua National Park
  • Eco Portal de Piedra Private Reserve
  • Tafí Del Valle y Cumbres Calchaquies
  • Route 9 corridor
  • Los Cardones National Park
  • Puerto Madryn
  • Nahuel Huapi National Park
  • Lanin National Park
  • San Julian Port
  • Ushuaia

Our activities

  • Guided Tours for Birdwatching
  • Guided Tours for Nature Photography
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Birds checklist for private reserves
  • Rental of photographic equipment, binoculars and scopes

Private Reserves and Lodges

Sandpiper Birding & Tours has agreements with different reservations and inns at a level, if you want to visit them in a particular way or want to birch outside the scheduled tours, contact us and get important discounts.

We also have the specialized support of different guides in almost all the provinces of the national territory.

Online Store

Here you can buy all the products you need for your bird watching trips, from clothing, equipment and field guides, you can buy online and paying in installments with your credit card. Come and see everything we have for you!

Birdwatching Courses

We regularly teach both face-to-face and virtual courses on topics related to birds and nature, both for experts or for those who are starting in this incredible activity

Local Guides

In addition to the guides from the Sandpiper Birding & Tours team, we have local guides in each region we visit, these baqueanos know in depth each little place in their town and thanks to them the guided tour becomes more productive and interesting.

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